For Pectus Excavatum sufferers, the sunken chest appearance is further emphasised by poor posture and weak and tight chest muscles associated with the condition. Therefore an important part of improving pectus involves improving posture, increasing the mobility and flexibility of the spine and chest wall, and lengthening and stretching tight chest muscles.

Typically postural problems associated with pectus include rounded shoulders, kyphosis of the spin and a rotated pelvis resulting in an accentuation of the condition as this posture promotes and further emphasises the sunken chest and potbellied appearance.

Correcting posture is an extremely important part in improving the pectus condition. In daily life try  and focus on your posture  and mentally be aware of the way you are standing, walking, running, sitting and lying.

Typically Pectus sufferers have poor posture which makes their condition more noticeable. (see diagram) 

postural problems with Pectus Excavatum

There are numerous stretches that are very useful for improving pectus because they stretch the chest and back muscles, create tension on the chest wall and improve posture. I recommend performing these exercises every morning and holding the positions for as long as you like but 8 seconds should be minimum, be sure to feel the stretch, and repeat a minimum of 3 times. See my top five Pectus stretches below.

Fix Pectus without surgery

Whilst performing stretches and resistance training I recommend controlled deep breathing. Inhale deeply during the stretch phase of each movement to maximise pressure on the chest wall.
A breathing exercise I recommend doing upon waking and in the evening is as follows;Stand up or sit up straight with shoulders pulled back and breathe in as deeply as possible and hold your breath for around 10 seconds, repeat this several times.You may experience light headedness while doing this and if so stop immediately.  Hold your breath for a safe period of time. I recommend positioning yourself in a safe environment before beginning this exercise just to be cautious of lightheadedness and fainting.If you want to correct your case of Pectus Excavatum then I highly recommend you sign up for Online CoachingPlease note that I am not a doctor and am just giving advice based on methods I have used that have helped me improve my pectus condition.