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This is not necessary however it will help me make the program perfect for you as every case of pectus is different and everyone requires a unique program
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Risk Of Product Use

Please be aware I am NOT a doctor and I strongly advise you to only engage in the use of my programs and advice in consultation with a medical doctor to make sure you are fit and healthy. I give the advice and set the programs based on my own personal experience and knowledge from being a qualified personal trainer and pectus excavatum sufferer. If you choose to engage in the above programs and advice you do so at your own risk and I ( Riley Byrne) am not responsible for any injury, illness or death which may result.
Exercise carries with it inherent risks and you must be prepared to accept these risks fully. Pectus Excavatum is usually a superficial appearance based condition, however in some cases it may effect the heart and lung function. For this reason you must have a full medical evaluation before beginning a product or service from

Expected Results From Products & Services
When I refer to ‘fixing pectus’ I am stating that your physique will improve dramatically and your mental state will transform so Pectus will no longer be a negative influence on your life. Sculpting muscles and correcting posture will improve the cosmetics of your condition to some extent but only surgery will completely flatten the chest. By building muscle in a targeted way you will be able to reduce the cosmetic extent of the indented chest. You will not eliminate it all together. Results may vary and depend on individual commitment to the programs. Results may vary between individuals and there is no guarantee that you will achieve positive results although this is extremely unlikely.